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New York, NY



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Communication Arts

Artist on the Rise

Travis Magee is a dance, editorial, and fashion photographer living in NYC. His work is based on capturing kinetic moments to elicit real world emotions. In 2014 he was featured by Communication Arts Magazine as a "Fresh" artist on the rise. He annually photographs for the Joyce Theater, Hudson Vallery Shakespeare Festival, and NYU Tisch Dance. His most recent exhibit "First Breath" was shown at The Frieda and Roy Furman Gallery at Lincoln Center. 

"Travis Magee's photographs are like compelling choreography.There seems always to be an implied narrative but it is up to the viewer to decipher and to decide for themselves what the hell is going on!" Sean Curran

“His kinetic images depict beautiful figures haphazardly caught in the middle of grand action. If I were to name this exhibit it would be A Perfect Split Second.” Jennifer Tarrazi-Scully The Backstage Beat

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